Senior Golang Developer

Join us as a Senior Golang Developer and become a vital part of our engineering team by showing your passion for robust and scalable distributed backend services.

Your role

  • Write code that your co-workers appreciate for its readability and elegance
  • Work on a growing set of backend services that bring the latest scores, match highlights and statistics for hundreds of competitions to our users in no time by closely cooperating with our Product team
  • Be responsible for delivering features and APIs on the backend service side in close cooperation with our Frontend and Apps teams

Your profile

  • Experience in developing and maintaining fast, scalable and well-documented APIs
  • Knowledge in developing backend services using Go is a must
  • Experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis and ability to optimize and use them effectively
  • Solid understanding of what scalability, caching and load testing mean
  • You’re convinced that the best backend is made of simple, easy-to-understand building blocks that form a reliable system
  • Knowledge of the current trends in architecture and microservices
  • Experience that is a plus
    • Docker, Kubernetes
    • SCRUM

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Onefootball’s backend infrastructure consists of around 30+ microservices that are managed by K8s.
Vane — Engineer Lead - Platform