An update from OneFootball founder and CEO, Lucas von Cranach

Earlier today, we shared a message with employees across our business.

Today, we share the difficult news that we will be saying goodbye to 62 employees and contractors across our global business.

Over the past few months, we have been conducting a review and planning process to streamline our organisation and ensure we are well set up for growth in 2023. We have three key business priorities: firstly, to drive revenue growth; secondly, to increase user growth and engagement; and lastly, to create cost-efficiencies in a challenging global economic environment.

This has meant we’ve needed to make some difficult decisions. We have done everything we can to ensure a strategically sound approach has been applied across all areas of our plans, with our values at the heart of our decision making.

I also want you to know that we did not take any decisions lightly and our planning process was diligent and in-depth.

Things you need to know

OneFootballers: We have had to say goodbye to 62 colleagues today, it’s 11.5% of our team globally and it has been very difficult for everyone. We are sensitive to this and thank them and everyone involved. All are talented individuals with great futures, this was about their roles and our organisational structure, not them as individuals or professionals.

Our Business Strategy: We intend to build the business forward. Our revenues are strong, now we need to build a sustainable business globally. That’s why we have our 2023 building blocks strategy - to deliver reach, engagement and monetisation. This is a time of change for OneFootball, and we know change can be unsettling but we believe change can be good and we want to embrace the opportunities before us.

Our Web3 Strategy: For Web3, our roadmap will look very different and our revenue expectations will be different accordingly. When we embarked on entering the market at the end of 2021 the environment was very different to today. We have had to adapt and now have a solid plan for Web3 for 2023 resulting in adjusted revenues and an adjusted cost base.

As I said this is not easy for anyone. Today was a difficult day for all of us at OneFootball.

If you are feeling it, speak to someone. We have support in Open Up, which everyone has access to. Don’t go through it alone, and don’t for one moment believe that your feelings aren’t valid. They are.

As sad as today is, we must go on.

We hold a very strong position. We’ve created a football ecosystem that gives fans a new model for enjoying and experiencing football. Guided by our values and a commitment to football fans everywhere, we have spent almost 15 years refining and developing brilliant products, and creating a global platform which brings fans closer to the game they love.

Next week in the State of Play monthly company meeting, we’ll go into more detail about the plans for 2023 and how we can all rally around these together.

Thank you everyone and speak soon.


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